Value Proposition


Our main value proposition is to provide for our clients the following three results that moving the majority of their production/promotion operations to an Accurance value-chain can guarantee:


  • Radically increase our clients’ profitability;
  • Radically simplify our clients’ operations;
  • Maintain or increase the quality of our clients’ production/promotion output.


Our services could free up our clients from extra work and resources, enabling them to concentrate their energies on more strategic and growth-oriented areas, as well as providing the ability to adequately fund those same areas.


Many of our underlying production processes translate to other volume services—both within and outside of the publishing industry—not listed as an Accurance service. Several times, a client, once they understand our capabilities, adds custom services set for them to our task. In addition to reduction in hard costs, the soft costs of our volume clients are usually reduced by switching to Accurance. Accounts payable, human resources, and production supervision are just a few of the soft-cost reductions.


Accurance’s relationship and services with all our publisher clients is strictly confidential. Our clients’ author customers would never know that their work is being done by Accurance. In 14 years, there has not been one incident reported showing any disclosure or even suspicion of this. It is uncommonly rare that a publisher and an author we work with are unhappy with our service. Once a book publisher becomes a client, they would stick with us, and the only time they ever leave us is because of their own changes, which are unrelated to our work for them.






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