Data Capture


We use our data capture technology to do volume data capture for both the publishing industry and nonpublishing industries, as our developed systems work effectively for both. Data Capture refers to the process of converting information from written documents into electronic data.


Publishing Industry


For a variety of reasons, our publisher clients want to convert hardcopies of books back into “live text” form. This is usually because of their desire to republish books from public domain, books whose rights they have recently purchased, or books whose author clients no longer have their book in any other form.


The reason doesn’t matter. What matters is getting the job done quickly and with stellar accuracy.


Accurance has a Scan/Data Capture system that produces the text version of the book our clients need to be converted, so that page design, revisions, and other editing, as well as conversion to ebook can all be done to “rebirth” the book. Our output has an accuracy of 99.992%.


Nonpublishing Industries


Our same data-capture capabilities, plus some additional technologies, can be applied in other industries as well. The most common application is for archiving/retrieval purposes. Accurance captures nearly a quarter of a billion characters per year for our nonpublisher clients today.


We use and read magnetic stripes, barcodes, optical character recognition, and others. Accurance provides an effective data capture solution, easily and quickly converting various types of documents into valuable data necessary to simplify business transactions. Our data capture involves gathering metadata using various character recognition (CR) technologies such as: Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Mark Character Recognition (MCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), and Bar Code Recognition (BCR).


  • Structured Forms: These are documents that have the same data field found on the same location of each form (Health Care Claims and Insurance Forms are common examples).
  • Semistructured Forms: These documents have consistent information like structured forms. Every data field, however, can be found anywhere within different forms (Explanation of Benefits is an example).
  • Nonstructured Forms: These are documents with varying data fields placed anywhere within different forms (Contracts and Purchase Orders are some examples).






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