Great illustration often communicates more than what a thousand words can convey. It brings the characters to life, delivering the full message—the soul—of a book that is more than enough to attract potential readers and buyers.


Whether it is for a jovially illustrated full-color children’s book, or it is to capture the dark sinister feel of a good-versus-evil story, our artists deliver the “look and feel” our clients envision. And, alongside the quality itself, we work with a proven technique that combines cost-effectiveness, artistic freedom, and true-to-the-client-vision compliance, resulting in illustration that thrills our publisher clients’ authors far more than 90% of the time the first time.


The turnaround time for illustration is typically 3 to 5 business days per illustration, but that rate of speed is different for books needing larger numbers of illustration (which is the case for most of our illustration projects).


Special Note: An illustration for a book cover is charged as an illustration; the book cover is charge separately.







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