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While a great book cover can instantly attract potential readers, a professional interior leaves them wanting to further examine the book’s content (on the contrary, a nonprofessional interior leaves them putting the book down and moving on to a different choice). Additionally, the interior Page Design done well the first time is one of the keys that makes an author come back to the publisher over and over in that author’s entire writing career.


Accurance has completed the interior Page Design of more than 50,000 titles. At Accurance, we provide manuscript formatting that deliberately combines the process of page layout, interior book design, and text formatting to deliver a seamless and attractive interior. Our team of book designers is passionate, and the S.O.P. they use is thorough, always making sure that the format meets your requirements and specifications. To further ensure that the interior is crafted to perfection, we provide three (3) revision cycles for no additional cost.


Recent studies show that more than 90% of the initial-cycle revision that a client requests are author decisions to change their own wording, while the vast majority of the remaining are format preference requests (not corrections on formatting). On ensuing revision cycles, Accurance averages in the range of 0.2% error rate per correction request. Our output will be a press-ready PDF interior file (with the source “live” file being delivered to our client upon final approval of the PDF), ready to be uploaded for printing or for conversion to ebook formats.


Turnaround time is 4 to 9 business days depending on arrangement. TA for revisions is 1 to 5 business days.






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