eBook Conversion


We professionally convert press–ready Word, InDesign, Quark, PDFs, and other formats into ePub and Mobi format. Many of our publisher clients, particularly those who regularly had more complex conversion projects, tried other sources and tried (much maligned, deservedly so) conversion software before coming to us.


We have three classes of conversion projects, depending on complexity, for what are known as “flowable” ebooks; we offer Apple’s fixed format output ebooks as well.


Our ebooks are compatible with the latest cutting-edge standards of this fast-changing technology. All our output is ran against a multiple-testing software and loaded into multiple ebook reader devices before we allow them to be put into the market or given to our clients.


Our ebooks load with near-zero errors or problems on all versions of Apple’s iPads and iPhones, Amazon’s Kindles, Sony’s eReaders, Barnes and Noble’s Nooks, Kobo’s eReaders, MobiPockets, virtually all pads, as well as Adobe’s and other providers’ eReader emulators for PCs, Macs, and more.


Our rate of conversion from book to ebook ranges according to volume of ebooks and volume of other Word documents we are doing for our publishers, just like all our other services. Additionally, the pricing is different for different classes. All that information can be shared upon request. Our most typical client ebook relationships have pricing per title of about $85 to $140, but there are situations outside of that range for particular situations.


Our EDAPT™ ebook distribution system, done in concert with our partner INgrooves, pays our publisher clients virtually the highest royalties in the market outside of those given the multibillion-dollar publishers. It is a perfect setup for publishers, bringing 5,000 or fewer ebook titles per year to the market. Our distribution network includes the sites where more than 90% of ebooks are sold.


Our ebook conversion turnaround time has an average of 9 business days, varying with volume and degree of difficulty.







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