Book and Author Promotion Services


What a better way to increase your readership than actively promoting your book online and offline. With our promotion service, we will help you establish a solid marketing foundation that lasts. Our press releases, Web sites, social media service, and commercial will get you and your book out to the world and into the limelight!


Accurance offers our publisher clients an array of promotional services that our clients can choose from. Most of the time, there is a particular need for some of the services in volume but none of some other services. What promotional services a publisher uses for their author customers varies more than production services.





Website Creation

To create and increase the following of your author customer, you must have
your own Web site...





Search Engine Optimization

The next important step after having your author’s Web site created is to make sure that it will not only be readily...





Social Media

In this service, we not only set you up with a social media account for your author, but we also make sure...





Press Release

This service includes professionally written news releases depicting the themes of your own choosing...





Video Book Trailer

This service will provide you with a 30 to 60-second book trailer and your choice of distribution packages...





Content Development

This service focuses on content writing only. We will provide you with professionally written...






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