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Accurance is committed to create the best value for its clients while adhering to existing legal and ethical standards. It constantly strives for operational transparency and applies industry’s best practices to protect the interests of its people, clients, the community, and the environment. It is steadfast in demonstrating strong corporate and social responsibility that can result in positive impact within the society in which it operates.


Categories of our corporate social responsibility initiatives.


  • Environment
  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Community





Accurance Group maintains and promotes a high level of awareness towards global environmental issues. Its approach includes working with the parties that it foresees to have ecological impacts on—its employees, clients, and the immediate community—to achieve its goals in protecting the environment.


The company’s approach towards environmental protection can be summarized as follows:


  1. To conserve water, energy, and other resources, including educational and cleaning supplies;
  2. To ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  3. To implement proper waste management;
  4. To encourage its employees to become environmentally aware and responsible;
  5. To encourage recycling of materials and prevention of all kinds of pollution at all times;
  6. To maintain environmental philosophy, strategies, and practices;
  7. To give preference to eco-friendly products and innovations, as well as support publications of environmentally-focused books.







The importance of Accurance Group’s employees in its business growth is paramount. They are the backbone of the company, each playing critical roles in the success of its operations and transactions. It is, therefore, Accurance Group’s commitment to ensure employee satisfaction by building a good working environment and culture—a key element that makes people eager and passionate to fulfill their job responsibilities.


For the benefit of its employees, Accurance Group is focused on:


  1. Ensuring fairness and equality in recruitment, selection, and promotion of staff;
  2. Giving employment opportunities to a diverse group of people regardless of gender, backgrounds, race, disability, or religion;
  3. Offering health programs and other benefits and compensations;
  4. Observing health and safety measures within its business facilities;
  5. Encouraging enthusiastic participation in the company’s community-focused projects that would help develop their social skills;
  6. Building a positive and supportive workplace where employees can hone their professional skills.





Accurance Group recognizes the significant roles of customers in the economic growth and sustainability of any business. They are the ultimate resource not just for generating a positive cash flow but also for understanding the market, which are both crucial factors to every company’s survival. For that reason, Accurance constantly strives to build an environment that fosters the trust, loyalty, and respect of its clients.


The company’s commitment to its business partners is demonstrated by the following characteristics:


  1. High-level Customer Service and Responsiveness: Accurance is quick to respond to customer inquiries and problems, primarily those concerning our products and services.
  2. Safeguard Privacy and Maintain Confidentiality: Accurance strives to protect all data and information at all times. It deeply respects its client’s requests and preferences about the collection, use, and sharing of their information and are committed to maintain confidentiality in all our transactions.
  3. Adherence to Ethical and Legal Standards: Accurance always seek to comply with existing legal and ethical standards on selling, advertising, and marketing. It maintains a high level of integrity, honesty, and professionalism, constantly adhering to its core values in all its endeavors.
  4. Product Quality: Accurance continuously strives to deliver quality products and services and improve its offerings by constantly seeking client suggestions and feedbacks.



Community/Charitable Support


Accurance Group is committed to enrich the lives of the community it operates in. Its initiatives range from supporting charitable institutions to doing volunteer works in its area of expertise.


The Company’s Goals for the Year 2013:


  1. To provide the basic needs of the charitable institution that we support;
  2. To create a program that will help combat illiteracy of youth in the neighboring community.




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