Data Entry


Accurance offers a fast, reliable, and affordable Data Entry service. Utilizing some of the most advanced technology, our dedicated team of technical experts can easily convert any form of hardcopy manuscripts—whether written, printed, or scanned—into a digital copy. We even convert paper manuscripts manually, proof, and reproof, if needed, to ensure the highest level of accuracy. And, as we always strive for secure and on-time delivery, you can always expect to meet the deadlines that your author clients demand.


To ensure you are working with the right people, Accurance incorporates these critical qualities in our Data Entry service:


  • Speed: Accurance follows a step-by-step process to ensure quick turnaround for every project. We are prompt at submission and can deliver the output way before the deadline.
  • Expertise in latest technology: Our team is expert on Optical Character Recognition software, which allows us to easily copy texts from the original manuscript. Our staff is also knowledgeable in formatting, ensuring a clean, professional-looking copy before submission.
  • Accuracy: Accurance offers 99.98% of accuracy in every data entry project.
  • Affordable cost: Our offshore facilities enable us to offer our service at the most affordable price and with utmost quality.






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