eBook Distribution (EDAPT)


eBook Distribution (EDAPT)


Accurance’s ebook distribution service called EDAPT™ (eBook Distribution Adaptive Priority Technique) has the best combination of network depth, royalty payout, and reporting access for small and midsized publishers in the market.


  • Accurance was the first multi-publisher aggregator for ebook distribution for INgrooves—one of the big four Apple-certified direct aggregators—in fact, helping at that time to rewrite the financial relationship contracts between INgrooves and clients at its inception. Accurance is the only INgrooves ebook multi-publisher aggregator giving direct Client Console access to clients on the Accurance website.
  • Through EDAPT™, we can make your ebook available where more than 90% of ebook sales are occurring—Apple, Amazon, Sony, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Overdrive, plus more than 20 other sites. All EDAPT™ titles can also be purchased through iTunes on iPhones.
  • Royalty amounts vary according to the retailer, but on average, our EDAPT™ publisher clients retain approximately 50% of retail price as royalty, with the entire EDAPT™ distribution network retaining only about 5% of sale price.
  • Our online Client Console allows our EDAPT™ clients to view sales overall by title, by retailer, by time period, or by a combination of those. All data can be downloaded with just one click for your work with clients, and there is a wealth of information, promotion opportunities, and more on the site.








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